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BMW Servicing Glasgow City Centre Express Service

UKs First City Centre Express Service Location

Park your car at Q-Park and we'll service your car...

An exciting new concept like no other and the UKs first! Many of our customers and potential customers work in Glasgow City Centre. Traditionally the customer books his or her car for a service or repair and arranges a lift with a colleague or family member. Perhaps they book a courtesy car in advance, whatever is most convenient for the individual. Later in the day or the following day the customer makes further arrangements to go back to the Dealership to collect their car with the help of a friend or family member. This is a typical dilemma most customer face, even with current collection and delivery services, courtesy cars and courtesy coaches it is still somewhat inconvenient and more importantly time consuming.

Our solution

Based in Waterloo street at Glasgow's popular Q-Park we have a dedicated city centre reception with the usual frills of tea, coffee, doughnuts & free Wi-Fi. This facility is purpose built and serves our main workshops. Simply call and book your service as normal and park your car in Q-Park Waterloo street, come down stairs drop in your car park ticket and keys to us and we'll do the rest. Return for your car after you finish work and its back, ready for your drive home, if it's not back because you've authorised some extra work we'll replace it with a courtesy car where possible unless of course you're going out socialising and you don't want it back.

In summary, give us a call or send us an email and we'll book you in. Whilst we specialise in Audi, BMW & Porsche our "E For Express" offering is open to all Makes & Models.

No, we can service almost any make of car.
We employ several mature drivers who currently collect and deliver customers cars for the main workshop. This service will be partially redeployed and further supported as required.
The reception will be open from 8am and close at 5.30pm, specific arrangements can be made outside these hours.
Yes, providing we have prior knowledge of your request we can look after your car overnight.
Of course, simply call the main telephone number or drop into Waterloo Street and we’ll make the booking for you.
Your car will receive whatever scheduled service it is due.

E for Express