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Do you know what day it is?

Do you know what day it is?

They invented the Check List.

So important was the idea that 30 October is now recognised as international

Lots of people now use the idea to save on costly mishaps at work but often
forget the personal things - like their cars.
To stay safe and mobile every driver should carry out regular checks on their
vehicle to stay roadworthy. Every week you should check:

- to make sure they are still legal and properly inflated. Loss of tread,
cracks or bulges in the tyre wall can be catastrophic while low pressure uses
more fuel.

- Make sure all your lights are working properly, especially now that it
gets dark earlier. It's easy to miss a blown bulb and end up being stopped by
police or having an accident.

- Always check the oil level regularly to avoid an expensive breakdown.
- Worn or broken brakes can be fatal. Make sure you get them
examined the fist sign of any change in performance or wear and tear.

- It is important to keep your engine cool so always make sure the
coolant level is topped up and add some anti-freeze when the weather starts
getting colder.

Windscreen washers
- Make sure the jets are free from blockages and the
reservoir is always filled up, and use screen wash with built in anti-freeze in
the winter. If you can't see out of a dirty windscreen you are risking a serious

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